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===== Main Page ===== ==== Welcome to the Asheville Makers Wiki ==== This wiki is a place to share relevant information about equipment, projects, etc. \\ For general discussions and questions, please use our [[!forum/ashevillemakers|Google Group]]. \\ General information about the group can be found on our [[|web page]]. ==== New Member Info ==== Welcome to the Asheville Makers! Please be sure to review the information below to help familiarize yourself with the rules and customs of the makerspace. Since it is a shared space, it is important that we all try to keep it clean and follow certain norms to make using it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Thanks! \\ * [[New Member General Info]] * The Membership Agreement can be found [[|here]]. * The board and station leads can be found [[Board Members|here]] ==== Equipment ==== Below is a list of some of the equipment we have available in our MakerSpace.\\ * [[Shapeoko 3 CNC Router]] * [[Kinect for XBox 360]] * [[Taz 6 3D Printer]] * [[Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D Printer]] * [[Rybobi 16 in. Scroll Saw]] * [[Two Laser Cutters/Engravers - 60W and 100W]] * [[Matter and Form 3D Scanner]] * [[MicroProtoSystems Mill]] * [[Rigol DS1054 Oscilloscope]] * [[Laser Rotary Attachment]] * [[Creator Pro 3D Printer|Creator Pro 3D Printer (Zaniac)]] * [[uArm Swift Pro Robotic Arm]] * [[Formlabs Form 3 Printer]] ==== Gallery ==== Here are some of the things that have been milled, lasered, and printed at the space...[[Gallery]] ==== Projects ==== People's Projects * [[Tuesday Demos]] * [[John]] * [[Steve]] * [[Tim]] * [[Bob]] * [[Will]] * [[ChaBuku]] * [[Robert]] ==== Documents ==== [[|Click here]] to go to the Google Drive that contains meeting minutes. [[|Click here]] to go to the Google Drive that contains our Bylaws, Member Agreement, Application, and Waiver. [[|Click here]] to go to the Google Drive that contains our Policies and Procedures.

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