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 **Donated By**: N/A \\ **Donated By**: N/A \\
 **Serial Number**: DS1ZA192207901 \\ **Serial Number**: DS1ZA192207901 \\
-**Make/​Model**:​ [[https://​​products/​digital-oscilloscopes/​1000z/​|Rigol DS1054Z] \\+**Make/​Model**:​ [[https://​​products/​digital-oscilloscopes/​1000z/​|Rigol DS1054Z]] \\
 **Arrival Date**: October 2017 \\ **Arrival Date**: October 2017 \\
 **Manual**: [[https://​​products/​digital-oscilloscopes/​1000z/​|Quick Start Guide and User Guide]]\\ **Manual**: [[https://​​products/​digital-oscilloscopes/​1000z/​|Quick Start Guide and User Guide]]\\
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