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This was my first non-prescribed project for the “Hand Wrought Metals” class at Haywood Community College. We had 4 prescribed projects that were designed to teach specific techniques and processes, then we were allowed to do create our own project. Some students chose to make bracelets, knives, spoons, and other things. I made these…

A pair of hinges shaped like sea turtles for my deck gate.

Far from perfect, like everything I do, but I was very happy with the result. And as a bonus, they actually work as hinges! They've been installed on my gate for a couple months now, they work well and look good.

HCC has a great blacksmithing program, I just finished the second “Advanced Hand Wrought Metals” class and have enrolled in the “Tool Making” class for the Spring semester. I intend to take all 6 courses. The courses are listed under the “Profession Crafts - Jewelry” curriculum but are available as continuing ed / non-degree seeking. If you are at all interested, you should check it out here is a short video they put together.

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