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 **Working Condition**:​ yes \\ **Working Condition**:​ yes \\
 **Contact**:​ ? \\ **Contact**:​ ? \\
-**Manual**: {{:​uarm-swift-pro-quick-start-guide.pdf|http://​​wp-content/​uploads/​2017/​08/​FlashForge-Creator-Pro-Users-Guide.V.20170812.pdf}}+**Manual**: {{:​uarm-swift-pro-quick-start-guide.pdf|Quick Start Guide}}
 ====Usage Notes==== ====Usage Notes====
-The workflow for this printer is+The robotic arm can be controlled in three primary ways (see the Quick Start Guide)
-  - create your stl file +  - **Using the uArm Studio software package** ​This package allows you to program ​the arm using Blockly, control ​the arm with a mouse, teach the arm to move in pattern by guiding the arm manually, draw an image with the arm using a pen/pencil or laser, and 3D print with the arm.  You will need to install the software on your PC using [[https://​​open?​id=15Pdylp9IepVp-4HaMAyM_XZgCNNxzzr4|this installer]]. ​ When you open the program after installation,​ you will need to log in (user: ​and pwd: avlmakers or create ​your own).  It will then tell you there are updates available. ​ You have to go to the update page, BUT DO NOT UPDATE! ​ Instead, click the left arrow at the top left of the page to get to the main menu. 
-  - open FlashPrint ​free to download on your machine; also installed on the laptop that controls ​the TAZ +  - **Using g-code** - You can also send the arm g-code ​over a serial connection. ​ The user guide has more information on these codes. ​ This would be useful if controlling the arm from an arduino, for example. 
-  - use FlashPrint ​to slice your file +  - **Python** - It looks like there may be a Python API for the arm, but I have not looked ​into this., ​ Please update this section if you do any work on this.
-  ​click on Print and select ​your print options +
-  - save the g-code ​file to an SD card +
-  - insert ​the SD card into the printer and print form the SD card+
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