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Creator Pro 3D Printer (Zaniac)

PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT use this machine prior to being checked out on it.

Owner/Loaner: Asheville Makers
Donated By: Zaniacs
Serial Number: N/A
Make/Model: Creator Pro
Arrival Date: May 2019
Working Condition: yes
Contact: ?
Manual: Click here

Usage Notes

The workflow for this printer is:

  1. create your stl file
  2. open FlashPrint - free to download on your machine; also installed on the laptop that controls the TAZ
  3. use FlashPrint to slice your file (basically, just load your file and generate supports if you need them)
  4. click on Print and select your print options (be sure to enable supports if you added supports in step 3)
  5. save the g-code file to an SD card (the SD card slot is just inside the printer door over the controls)
  6. insert the SD card into the printer and print from the SD card
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