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FormLabs Form 2 SLA 3D pRinter

PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT use this machine prior to being checked out on it.

Owner/Loaner: Asheville Makers
Donated By: Robert S.
Serial Number: N/A
Make/Model: Formlabs Form 2
Arrival Date: January 2018
Working Condition: yes
Contact: ?

Usage Notes

For operating info, see:

For resin types, see:

Resin Quantity

Some of the sample parts, here is how much resin they used:

  • Unordered List ItemCastle: 25 microns, 5.5 hours, 8mL
  • Rook (Clea): 100 microns, 3 hours, 37mL (could be reduced by hollowing out the model)
  • Eiffel Tower: 50 microns, 5.5 hours, 11mL
  • Pen and Cap: 100 microns, 7mL
  • Asajj Figurine: 50 microns, 15 hours, 101mL
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