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Laser Cutter/Engraver

PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT use this machine prior to being checked out on it.

Owner/Loaner: Asheville Makers
Donated By: N/A
Serial Number: N/A
Make/Model: K60
Arrival Date: September 2016
Working Condition: yes
Contact: Any Board Member
Manual: Located in bag on shelf above machine


Chassis Cleaned and Lubricated: 1/7/18
Mirrors Cleaned: 04/10/18
Lens Cleaned: 4/10/18

Chassis should be lubricated with sewing machine oil. Mirrors should be cleaned using a cotton swab and alcohol. Start in the center of the mirror and rotate out to the edges. The lens can be cleaned in the same manner as the mirrors. Unlike the mirrors, the lens must be removed from the laser in order to clean it. Take care to avoid touching the lens surface with your fingertips, and be sure to reinstall the lens with the correct orientation (concave face should face up).

How to Check Plastic Materials for Chlorine (deadly gas that also damages laser):

Usage Notes

  • DO NOT use this machine if you have not been checked out on it. Members who can check you out include Tim, Zak, Avi, and Steve.
  • Running the laser at full power will significantly shorten the laser life. The maximum power setting used should be 80%.
  • Certain materials can release dangerous and damaging fumes when cut or engraved. DO NOT cut any material unless you know exactly what the material is and that it is safe to cut/engrave. See this page for more information. Note that this should not be considered the final authority - it is your responsibility to know what you are cutting and whether it is safe.


Post Processing


  • Here is a good summary of some materials that may and may not be used on the laser cutter/engraver.
  • Here is another, which adds galvanized metal and mirrored surfaces to the list of material not to use.
  • These lists may not be all inclusive. It is YOUR responsibility to know exactly what material you are cutting and whether or not it is safe. If you are unsure, DO NOT USE IT!


Please share your experiences here with settings that gave you good results.

8mm acrylic/plexiglass
Cut        Speed: 10   Power: 60
Engrave    Speed: 200  Power: 20
3mm (1/8") acrylic/plexiglass
Cut        Speed: 1.75"/s   Power: 60W   Passes: 3
Soft Pine
Engrave    Speed: 250  Power: 30
This engraved with just a little depth.  Less power if you just want to color the surface.
White Office Paper (cuts nicely - great for prototyping)
Cut:       Speed: 100  Power: 25
Engrave    Speed: 100  Power: 10
I engraved in Cut mode, not Scan mode.  With this setting, the laser burnt a fine, brown outline on the paper.
1/4 in. plywood
Cut        Speed: 10   Power: 60
Engrave    Speed: 200  Power: 20
1/4 in. plywood New 2" PL Lens
Cut        Speed: 15   Power: 55-60
Corrugated Cardboard
Cut        Speed: 40   Power: 45
Engrave    Speed:      Power: 
Very Thin Wood Veneer
Cut        Speed: 100  Power: 40
Engrave    Speed:      Power: 
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