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New Member Info

The Membership Agreement has lots of good information, so please read it. In addition some general guidelines are:

  1. Behavior - Be courteous to everyone! Try to avoid hot-button topics like religion and politics. Be aware of who is around you and behave accordingly.
  2. Behavior - Be respectful of other people's property. Please do not ever 'borrow' something from another member's storage area without asking first, even if you will replace it right away. This includes items in the 'desk area' at the front of the space - these desks are rented out to individual makers. At the same time, be aware that if you leave things lying around the space, other members have no way of knowing it is yours and not the space's…
  3. Cleanliness - Clean up after yourself. Please don't leave anything on the workbenches when you leave. Put tools back where they belong, clean up any trash, and sweep or vacuum up any sawdust or other debris. The makerspace gets cluttered and dirty very quickly if we do not all make an effort to keep it clean.
  4. Cleanliness - Keep the member storage area clean. Full members can get shelf space for one 18 gallon plastic bin to keep supplies at the makerspace. The makerspace can supply you with a bin. Contact any board member if you would like storage space and a bin. If you need to leave supplies or a project at the makerspace that will not fit in your bin, contact any board member to discuss possible solutions.
  5. Safety - Never use equipment if you have nbot been checked out on it and you do not feel confident in your ability to use it in a manner that is safe for everyone and the equipment. If you have any questions about a machine, please ask! Other members are generally happy to help you or point you to someone who can.
  6. Safety - Be sure the lights are out and the space is locked if you leaving and there is no one else in the space at that moment. Don't assume someone who left is coming right back. Also, never leave the outside doors propped open after hours.
  7. Music - We have bluetooth speakers hooked up to listen to music while working. The password to attach, if you are asked, is 1234. Please be respectful about playing music when others are using the space as well.
  8. Free supplies - The plastic filament for the TAZ and Zaniac printers is free for members. You may also use any laser scraps that are in the labeled scrap pile (top shelf only!) beneath the table next to the lasers. Other general office supplies such as tape, paper towels, glues, etc. are also free to members. The resin for the Formlabs printer is NOT free, and the resin is expensive, so make sure you understand the cost and process before you print! Members do get a free allowance for resin each month ($5). Every time you print with the Formlabs printer, make sure your name is in the filename of your print. The printer will keep a log of prints done and the amount of resin used, and we will set up each month with members who use more than $5 of resin in that month.
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