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Wall Clock and Voting Tabulator

The wall clock and voting tabulator is built using a RaspberryPi to create a WiFi Access Point for the voting boxes. This then communicates with an Arduino Mega 2560 that runs the display and tabulates votes. The date and time are kept by a DS3231 real-time clock module.

The available commands on the keypad are:

  1. Switch to clock mode
  2. Switch to Set Clock mode. The clock then waits for 5 additional keypad presses in the format hhmmx where x equal to 0 indicates AM and x greater than 0 indicates PM.
  3. Switch to Set Date mode. The clock then waits for 8 additional keypad presses in the format mmddyyyy.
  4. Switch to Vote mode
  5. Reveal voting results as Count
  6. Reveal voting results as Pass/Fail
  7. Subtract 1 hour from the clock (for DST)
  8. Add 1 hour to the clock (for DST adjust)
  9. Switch to random display mode

The source code for the clock can be found here. In addition, there are a number of third-party libraries used. The DS3231 library can be found here. The other libraries are standard libraries and most can be installed directly within the Arduino IDE.

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