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Shapeoko 3 CNC Router

PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT use this machine prior to being checked out on it.

Owner/Loaner: Asheville Makers
Donated By: Steve A.
Serial Number: N/A
Make/Model: Shapeoko 3
Arrival Date: June 2016
Assembly Guide: Manual
Working Condition: yes
Contact: Steve A.


Usage Notes

Class Materials


  • Securing the Stock - One good method for securing your stock is to use super glue, activator, and masking tape as described in this video.

Fusion 360

  • For post processing, choose carbide3d.cps for the Post Configuration.
  • To engrave with a V bit in Fusion 360 (e.g. lettering), you can select a chamfer mill as your bit and then edit the bit to create the appropriate V bit. For example, you can create a 1/4 inch 90 degree V bit with the following settings: Diameter - 0.25 in; Shaft Diameter - 0.25 in; Taper Angle 45 deg; Tip Diameter - 0.001 in.
  • For poplar, cutting 5mm depth, a feed rate of 600 mm/min gave good results. At 800 mm/min, the CNC would skip teeth on the belts.
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