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TAZ 6 3D Printer

PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT use this machine prior to being checked out on it.

Owner/Loaner: Asheville Makers
Donated By: Robert S.
Serial Number: N/A
Make/Model: LulzBot TAZ 6
Arrival Date: June 2016
Working Condition: yes
Contact: ?
Manual: Click here

Usage Notes

  • The extruder head may not pull hard enough on filament to allow it to feed properly if the filament is wound too tightly on the spool, such as when starting a brand new spool of filament. Make sure the filament is not wound so tightly that it won't unspool when the printer is printing.

Change Extruder Head

Note: If you do not follow these steps, it will result in the printer not homing correctly, and can damage the print bed or extruder head.

  1. Remove filament, as per filament change instructions.
  2. Remove connector cable.
  3. Remove small hex screw at the top of the extruder head.
  4. Replace extruder head, replace screw, replace connector cable.
  5. In Cura, go to Machine > Machine Settings. Top right there is an option to “Change Tool Head”
    1. Select the appropriate extruder head (either “Single Extruder” or “Flexystruder”).
  6. Go to Machine > Install Default Firmware
  7. Good to go
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