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   - Go to Machine > Install Default Firmware   - Go to Machine > Install Default Firmware
   - Good to go   - Good to go
 +====Adjust Belt Tension====
 +Tightening the belt is hard, but this is the workflow that I found that worked:
 +  - loosen up the screws on the bearing that holds the belt
 +  - push that bearing forward so it loosens up the belt
 +  - undo the screw that holds one side of the belt, and pull it tighter. You'll have to hold everything in place or the bed will just slide
 +  - tighten the end of the belt down
 +  - tighten the bearing back down
 +  - if the belt is too tight now, loosen the end and let a little slack in until it seems good
 +It's a lot easier to add slack back in than tighten it down.
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